For Indonesian Presenter/ Participant
Bank Name: Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI)
Account Number: 858161814

For Foreign Presenter/Participant
Paypal Account:

Please note that presenters who pay using IDR need to add three digits of their paper ID to the amount of money they transferred to ease the registration process.
Paper ID: 016 (from…..)
Category: Presenter (Student): IDR 1,400,000
Total amount transferred: IDR 1,400,016

Upload proof of payment for participant here (Google Form C)
Upload proof of payment for presenter (Author and Co Author) here (Google Form D)

Important Notes:

  1. No refunds applicable
  2. Additional costs for the Publishing Conference (selected papers only) is approximately IDR 1.500.000 (for Atlantis Press Proceeding); IDR 1.800.000 (for International Journal) and  IDR 200.000 (for Proceeding)
  3. The Additional fees above must be paid by the author once the paper has been deemed in accordance with the Publishing Guide
  4. We will send a notification email to the author for payment requests
  5. If Co Author(s) want to get benefit from conference facilities and certificate as a presenter is approximately IDR 750.000 (international co author) and IDR 400.000 (local co author)
    please fill the form here


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